Alarm Focus


When you leave your home or business, not only are you leaving behind electronic items, jewellery, antiques and sensitive information, but also personal items which no insurance could ever compensate you for.

We often have people commenting that "the neighbours don't take any notice of alarm sirens". Whether they do or not, an intruder will. If you have no alarm and your home or business is burgled, you are giving the intruder a long time to sort through your personal possessions uninterrupted - not to mention any damage they may decide to inflict on your property.

When you leave a property with a security system installed, you greatly cut the time an intruder has access to your belongings. As soon as they enter the protected area, sirens on the inside and outside are activated and all our alarm systems have built in modems and can be monitored through to a monitoring station or can dial your mobile phone to let you know of the activation.

With the internal siren screaming in their ears, the external siren screaming outside and if monitored, the security guards on their way, experience shows us that the intruder panics and leaves the property as quickly as possible.

We have security solutions for anything you want to protect including your boat, caravan, or shed down the bottom of the garden which is full of your tools and gardening equipment.

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