For Your Home

Choosing the correct security system for your home is an important matter. Let us advise you which system is best to protect the people and possessions you value the most.

We have a wide range of options available that have advanced technology and superior performance.

There is more to consider when choosing a system then just a burglar alarm. Other options we can advise you on are fire safety, nurse call systems, CCTV (close circuit television), key-ring remotes, panic buttons, video door phones, pet friendly detectors, extra sensors and servicing and monitoring.

Click here for information about the different key pads available.


If you a building a new home, talk to us about your needs. We can design the security system and access control straight from your building plans. This will allow you to have the best system tailored to your building requirements.


Had an extension fitted to your property? You can have panic buttons, extra sensors, keypads and sirens fitted so that you can fully protect all areas. If you are planning on building a new home, talk to us at the design stage so we can design a security system tailored to your needs.