Is your front door at the other side of the house from where you usually are?
Why not get a video door phone?
As soon as you pick up the phone, a picture will come up on the screen of whoever is at the door.
A special intercom system allows you to speak back and forth.

A great way to check any strange noises outside, or to use at your driveway gate.

With many Business Owners and Home Owners aware of the need to identify people before giving them access to their place of business or residence, the days of opening your door to strangers are over. Mantrac Security Systems can offer cost effective solutions in the form of an Intercom Systems, that will enable you to communicate with visitors before granting them access to your home or office.
An intercom system will generally comprise of an external visitor station with a chime button and audio module and several internal audio handset stations with a door release button so having ascertained who the visitor is, the door can be released without having to go to it.
Another option is to have Audio/Video systems that provide you with a high quality video image of the person at the front door station.
Often a Keypad or Card Reader is installed to allow access for authorised people. When combining Access Control with Intercom Systems a higher level of security is achieved.
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