Medical Alarms

There is a big trend toward personal security for those who may have medical problems.

We can tailor your security system to incorporate panic buttons, call points and message pagers.

We are also very experienced in fitting full nurse call systems into rest homes and retirement villages.


Waterproof Panic Button


This pendant can be worn around the neck or as a wrist watch and pressing it will send a panic signal to the monitoring station.
Paramedic alarms are ideal for people with medical conditions, or for people who live alone and want the added security of a system that is just a touch away. There are three different models, all waterproof 'a pendant that can be worn around the neck, a wristwatch style on a leather strap that can be worn around the wrist, or a remote keyfob you can put on your keyring. As they are mobile, you can use them however you want' ideal for gardening. You can also fix them to the wall beside your bed or have them on a cord under the pillow for easy reach.

When pressed, the alarm is activated through a control panel which generates a visual and audible warning alarm. A signal is sent through the telephone lines to the monitoring station, so appropriate action can be taken.